PGphotography“Romance and adult life can often come in complex forms. Found Objects is an intriguing literary novel, as author Peter Gelfan presents a different sort of story of polyamorous life. Aldo is enjoying his life, with two women who he shares it with, seeing children through. But the unusual arrangement of their life always has problems, which Aldo will quickly learn as jealous exes emerge. Found Objects is a must for general fiction collections, not to be missed.” —Midwest Book Review, June 2013

“…a tightly-written, character-driven novel that shows a keen understanding of the intricacies of human relationships. You will be left mulling over the notions of free will, love, and domesticity. Any book that can make a reader ruminate on such lofty concepts is a winner in my eyes.” —Kelly, The Well Read-Redhead

“I loved all of the characters. They felt like real people. It was like a good indie movie you’d see on IFC or Sundance. The pace was right. The plot is quite unconventional and thought provoking. Found Objects by Peter Gelfan is compelling!” —4 The Love of Lit

“Gelfan’s novel is quietly complex, filled with real people in situations you have to wonder how you’d handle yourself. … Found Objects is original, well-written, smart, and complicated, and I recommend it to anyone interested in exploring the complexities of human relationships.” —Jane R.,

BewareofAlligators“This book is for the reader who can appreciate the writing and look beyond the norm. I started this with a bit of distaste because I couldn’t relate to the lifestyle but the writing is so well done and the story so well crafted that I really got deep into the lives of these 4 main characters.” —Goodbookfairy

“…this is a character driven, intellectual exploration into the what if’s. What if a man had two women in his life? But they also have each other, would this be perfect? But then, enters another man, who suddenly wants to be part of this too. Does he have the right? Can the two men share this dynamic? This book illuminates the push and pull of the cerebral and emotional aspects of dual, or quadruple intimacy. … The characters were well developed, realistic and flawed. Their unique circumstance brushes against societal norms and the story gives a snap shot of what kind of daily issues would occur, and I admit, my voyeuristic inner me…was curious.” —Hilary C.,

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