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A Book Doctor’s Dose of Brain Science for Writers

For thousands of years we’ve had theories and rules about writing based on tradition, philosophy, esthetics, poetics, scholarship, mysticism, and arbitrary dictates. Meanwhile, over only the past few decades, cognitive science has discovered much about how the human mind sees and orders the world and extracts meaning from it. It’s high time we mix some brain science into our thinking about reading and writing.

Hurling Words into Darkness is nonfiction, a summary of what I have learned about writing over decades of editing manuscripts and studying scientific research into the human mind and brain, but have rarely found in other books about writing.


A coming-of-old-age adventure about two longtime best friends and rivals who, determined to “not go gentle into that good night,” set off on a road trip to face their past failures and give meaning to their dwindling futures before it’s too late.

“Peter Gelfan’s Monkey Temple is a rollicking journey down a winding road to a dubious paradise. Rich in insight and humor, it is, in the end, a story about stories themselves.”

—Tony Cohan, bestselling author of On Mexican Time


“I am a tidy person, my wife is not. Our lover, Marie, can go either way.”

So begins Found Objects, a novel about unconventional people, unconventional love, what happens when unconventionality collides with convention, and then with itself.

“Sexy, slyly funny, and highly readable. Found Objects works its way subtly into your conformist consciousness and then carries you, enthralled and believing, right to the last page.”

-Fran Dorf, author of Saving Elijah and A Reasonable Madness.