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Found Objects:

“I am a tidy person, my wife is not. Our lover, Marie, can go either way.”

So begins Found Objects, a novel about unconventional people, unconventional love, what happens when unconventionality collides with convention, and then with itself.

“Peter Gelfan’s debut novel is a thought-provoking, sophisticated exploration of an unconventional domestic “arrangement.” With spare, finely tuned writing and authentic, witty dialogue, Gelfan breathes real life into his photographer protagonist and creates a story that manages to feel highly surprising, even shocking, yet be absolutely familiar. It’s sexy, slyly funny, and highly readable. Found Objects works its way subtly into your conformist consciousness and then carries you, enthralled and believing, right to the last page.”

-Fran Dorf, acclaimed author of Saving Elijah (starred review in Publisher’s Weekly), Flight, and A Reasonable Madness (both featured Literary Guild Book Club selections).

“In this fluent, engaging novel, Peter Gelfan penetrates a modern family’s domestic arrangement and exposes in keen, artful detail what happens when it comes under threat and begins to unravel. A wise, rueful tale for our times, unerringly told, by a masterful writer.”

-Tony Cohan, bestselling author of Canary (a New York Times Notable Book of the Year),
Opium (a Literary Guild selection), On Mexican Time, Native State
(a Los Angeles Times Notable Book of the Year), and Valparaiso.